The last Full Moon of 2022 lights up the night sky tonight at 16` degrees in Gemini ♊

Full Moons are about completion & releasing what no longer serves our life purpose 🕊️
This Yule Moon in curious Gemini encourages to communicate now about things that we wish to close the door on with the ending of this year of extreme changes 🎭
Now is the right time evaluate our past choices & find our inner courage to take a step towards a new path that we wish to choose for the coming year 💫
Retrograde Mars’ conjunction with the Full Moon gives intensity to our communications & depth to our internal reorganization 🧿
Whenever there is difficulties we must always remember that we are here exclusively to accomplish our soul purpose : The Divine’s will 🪬
Even if things may look messy 🍂 Remember that there is a divine order in the chaos ⏳
Trust the Universe 🔮



Light Bearer 🔥 Flame Keeper

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