June 10th, 2021 : The RING OF FIRE

Powerful Halo Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

Crossing the Eclipse portal is no ordinary time at all.
It’s karmic, intense and life-changing.
Even though we’ve been kicked out of our comfort zone by the recent Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago, now we may start to notice the New and rare opportunities heading our path or perhaps our whole life path is now unapologetically changed by fate! While the best thing we can do now is accepting this turbulence as bliss in disguise or special gift, even if we still don’t know its real value yet.

The Eclipse is at 19° Gemini and it is conjunct Mercury retrograde in his own sign, and square to Neptune.
Mercury is the ruler of this Eclipse, so the Eclipse powerful conjunction to Mercury with the reality dissolving square to Neptune added, will be strongly felt kind of like a mind altering experience.
More veils will be lifted away by the June Solar eclipse and the coming Cancer Solstice.
Receive gracefully the blissful energy of this RING OF FIRE , Collaborate with your fate and be blessed 🙏🏼



Light Bearer 🔥 Flame Keeper

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