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Full_Moon in_Cancer 2023

January *6* 🗓️
Celebrating the first #Full _Moon of *2023*

🌝 *The Wolf Moon 🐺*

*La Luna* is now being comfortable at her own home in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer 🦀
The Full Moon is opposite Mercury retrograde in Capricorn ♑
square Chiron in Aries ♈
& sextile Uranus in Taurus ♉

While both Mars & Mercury
are still travelling retrograde
It's a great day to start planning any important projects or travels for the year ahead 📝
& reflecting on your New Year's resolutions 🎊

Mercury Retrograde is conjunct the Sun in ambitious Capricorn holding the timely reminder of an ancient sacred vision 🪬
A forgotten subconscious message emerging from deep within 🔮
While Mars retrograde in Gemini feels like being lost in translations mysteriously striking a sacred innovating simultaneous awareness & attunement upon multiple frequencies calling to bring your heaven on Earth so that your ancient vision is finally being fulfilled 🪄
Chiron in Aries is in a square to the Sun/Mercury-Rx & the Full Moon triggering our old identity wound & further allowing the healing potential of these intense lunar vibes 🌕
Meanwhile Uranus sextile the Moon is offering higher insights by illuminating ideas of Healing our inner child so we can achieve emotional liberation 🦋

Pluto in the final degrees of the opposite sign Capricorn invites us to further purge that which is undesired to take into *2023*
This is a time for endings and beginnings...
Now can be the right time when we go deeper into our emotions to end a chapter & let go 🪁
A good time to notice what brings you joy & emotional security and decide to bring more of that into your life in the year ahead 💫
Go as far as your motivation..Limitlessly...

Eventually you’ll be able to bring your heart’s wishes into reality if you dare to live up to your full potential🎖️


Return to Your Wholeness ☯️



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